Elevate Your Team with Resource-Mee

At Resource-Mee, we understand the importance of training and development when it comes to achieving success. Our products have been designed to provide you with the best resources and tools to help you build a successful team.

Achieve Success with Our Tailored Solutions

We strive to provide our clients with the best resources and tools to help them build a successful team. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, ranging from leadership and change management training, to development programs that focus on skills such as communication and problem solving.

Develop Essential Skills

Resource-Mee offers comprehensive training programs tailored specifically for your organization. We provide guidance on how to effectively use the resources available and develop essential skills that will help your team reach their goals.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our platform is user friendly and easy-to-use, allowing you to quickly access all of our available resources from one convenient place. With our intuitive interface, you can easily navigate through all of our customise designed courses, materials, and tools.

Find resources that work for you

At Resource-Mee, we have a library of resources from accredited professionals in the field, so you can train with confidence. We also have an intranet-style membership site with interactive portals that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Grow your skills with Empower-Mee Events

We offer Empower-Mee Events which are designed to help you develop micro skills and access policy documents and business templates. With these events, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the topics being discussed and be better equipped to handle any situation.

Achieve success with our resources

Our resources are designed to help you achieve success in whatever field you choose.

Advancement Through eLearning

Our eLearning platform allows your staff to explore the benefits of training and development in a convenient and comfortable environment. Our custom designed content ensures you get the best experience for your business.

Learn at Your Own Pace

With our innovative learning platform, your employees can learn at their own pace, allowing them to take control of their own learning journey and maximise their potential.

Train Anywhere, Anytime

Our mobile-friendly platform allows you to train anytime, anywhere! Never miss a deadline again with our easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from any device.

Customised Content for Your Business

We understand every business has different needs, which is why we offer customized content tailored specifically for your business – ensuring you get the most out of Resource-Mee!