About us

We are consultants and trainers specialising in professional development.  Our experience is developing people and processes for innovation change management. Our approach is to keep it simple,  focus on outcomes for the organisation and the people 

Who We Work With

Business leaders, HR professionals and individuals benefit from professional training.  Change management is not a one time focus, organisational and individual change is central to lifelong professional development

Human-centred approach

Simple systems that keep the person at the centre of the learning process.  Our belief is training and development success is measured by positive results in business and personal growth. 





Empower - Mee is a scenario business. Scenario-based learning is a realistic digital training site. Empower - Mee developed for students and businesses. Develop business skills in a fun realistic virtual online business

Access scenario based resources

Use the Empower - Mee members site to: Solve problems, analysis workplace scenario's access policy and procedures

Training and Development

Training needs

Resource-Mee works with business owners and people to develop creatively and critically about issues confronting the global business environment. Starting with a training needs analysis, we will examine your current skillset and provide a detailed report on innovative growth, sustainability and professional development.

Training needs

Individuals, teams and organisations are learning and developing changes with innovation, technology and environmental impacts. Focus on leadership skills, practical experience and best-practice insights.
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Training Resources

Accredited training resources

Content developed for registered training organisations (RTO) and professional businesses. Resource - Mee works with you to write the learning plan, objective, and project scope.

Training resources

Create the instructional resources and write the content, including the visual learning resources and assessment tools.
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Coffee and conversation


Conversations create connections. Resource - Mee will host your online coffee and connection meetings. The resource is free to our customers and reduces online meeting fatigue.

We are your online HR support

Get the most out of your online meetings. Follow an agenda, ensure compliance. Organise your time effectively. Resource-Mee meeting management is available in approved packages

Why Resource - Mee

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors



Scenario based training is for business owners and individuals requiring compliance training. Communication training for effective interpersonal skills. Critical thinking training, motivation and innovation for professional development


Access to workplace Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are developed for your organisation. Resource-Mee will develop the resources and implement the change management training

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Anytime, Anywhere

Resources are developed for your organisation and delivered online. An extension of your team, we work with your Managers and Human Resources to develop your personal and professional resources.

Developing staff increases staff retention, improves innovative business growth


Training in workplaces develops skills, changes attitudes and enhance performance. 

Therefore training and development results in an immediate improvement in workplace effectiveness.

Customised training and development programs result in organisations growing through motivated staff and innovation systems. Resulting in improved profitability and staff retention