Reward and acknowledge progress

Congratulations to everyone who is interested in starting their learning journey.

This blog is dedicated to everyone who enjoys learning and understands the importance of goal setting.

Over the past few months, we have been working on a product to support goals and reward achievements.

Resource-Mee provides Business and Registered Training Organisations, training and assessment materials.

We work in consultation with the businesses to customise resources to meet the industry needs. Our progress badges and scenario-based learning are designed to support learners and encourage course completion.

Our resources identify and acknowledge achievements in the foundation skills and transferable skills, embedded within the course, qualification or unit of competency.

These small progress rewards boost learners’ engagement while providing the trainer assessors and compliance managers with visual achievement badges.

Access to engaging, compliant learning and development resources is our vision for all learners and employees.

Our mission is to work with Businesses and Registered Training Organisations throughout the learning journey.

For even the most dedicated learner the commitment from enrolment to completion of a course is a process of dedication, time and discovery.

The training resources and assessment tools are an integral part of the learning process.

Our System:

  • Create a rewards-based process
  • Empower your learners and employees
  • Acknowledge achievements
  • Recognition process

Empower progress

Micro skills
Foundation Skills

We provide Registered Training Organisations with accredited training and assessment resources.
Our online scenario-based training enables people to develop their skills in various real-life business operations.
For our members, we provide exclusive access to an intranet-style website of shared information, templates and business documents.

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