Workplace learning- fear culture

Have you ever been in a workplace where communication and contribution to workplace discussion were discouraged or shut down?

A business seeking Innovation and growth will benefit from a safer culture.

When people feel insecure and fearful in a workplace learning is reduced. With no learning, there is no business growth. 

Reflective questions

  1. Does everyone in your workplace feel their input is valuable? 
  2. Does everyone in your workplace have an opportunity to contribute and ask questions?
  3. When employees speak to leaders, is communication encouraged? 
  4. Do you have documented system that clearly states how each individual contributes? 


When an organisation manages communication with a process of inclusive sharing, discussions move from polite silence to enthusiastic discussions and contributions. 

An environment of safety encourages people to express their opinions, reducing the risk of people fearing speaking up and sharing their concerns. 


Creating a safe workplace is connected to leadership. 

With empathy, emotional intelligence, and communication, leaders can motivate their teams, appreciate feedback, and encourage people to share openly. 

Leadership training

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