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How to Speak Like a Kookaburra – Effective Business Communication

The Kookaburra is an amazing communicator, so let’s learn how to speak like one!

The Impact of Investing in Training on Your Business Growth & Profitability

Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out?   Do you want to empower your staff to be enthusiastic and passionate about the business you created? The key to success lies in creating an innovative edge to help your business stay ahead of the competition. 

The Impact of Staff Commitment and Loyalty on Organisational Culture

Introduction: Examining the Connection between Staff Commitment and Organisational Culture

Our Mission

  Our mission is to provide a values-based learning experience   Vision Statement: “To be the premier provider of professional support, training, and development services, empowering businesses to excel and individuals to thrive in their workplace.”   Mission Statement: “Our mission is to passionately deliver exceptional consulting services that drive the growth and success of …

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The Benefits of Up-to-Date Policies and Processes for Your Business – Consistency and Efficiency

Introduction: What are Up-to-Date Policies and Processes? Policies and processes are essential components of any successful business. They provide a framework for employees to follow when making decisions and performing their duties. Up-to-date policies and processes are even more important, as they ensure that the company is in compliance with the latest regulations, laws, and …

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Untangle the Technology Gap

The Modern Workplace  Are your staff currently struggling with their new digital presence?  COVID-19 has further progressed our digital footprint, propelling our digital collaboration forward. Virtual learning, virtual meetings, zoom calls with your mum, are all things that previously existed but weren’t necessarily a part of everyday life. Training and policy  The benefits of a …

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HR Functions

Is it a good idea to outsource HR? One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your HR services is the knowledge HR professionals have regarding compliance. All businesses, small and large, must follow the state, local and federal government regulations. Outsourcing your HR functions will save you from the muddle of words involved in the …

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Training Plans!

Today we talking about training plans Training Plans are fantastic tools used to track training progress within your company! TP’s give your apprentices and trainees a physical item to keep them motivated to achieve their goals.  New Employees If your business has a new employee training plan, it allows the new staff to efficiently and …

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Human Resource Training and Development

Welcome to our first blog post – Our focus is training Human Resources This is our first blog post, and we’re grateful to you for taking the time to read about our endeavours. We look forward to sharing our journey with you and providing our Human Resource expertise to businesses near and far. So who …

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