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Organisational behaviours 

What is organisational behaviour? The impact of the behaviours within your business. The people, the managers and organisational structure impact your organisation’s ability to grow. 

A business with no understanding, appreciation or development of organisational behaviours suffers from high staff turnover, low staff motivation and loss in productivity. 

Resource-Mee works with the business managers to develop a plan that defines the goals and establishes the strategy. 

Skills defined and developed. Management skills in the ability to work with and motivate individuals in groups. 



Attitudes and job satisfaction 

What is the relationship between job satisfaction and attitude? As a rule, happy workers result in happy profits. When people are deeply engaged in their job and feel a high level of commitment they are more likely to be productive workers. 

There is a connection between, Job satisfaction and job performance, and strong evidence that show a positive attitude leads to customer satisfaction. 

Resource – Mee works with businesses to determine levels of job satisfaction, measure employees attitudes, evaluate the fit between employee interests and the intrinsic part of their job. 


Personalities and emotions  

Why are personalities influential in the workplace? Understanding peoples values, attitudes and motivation help managers understand employees fit into the organisation. 

Understanding personality types help managers identify personality traits, including essential characteristics required to succeed in a position. Strength in social skills, competitiveness, innovation and creativity are determined. 

Insights into situational strengths and behaviours help design training programs, staff reward programs and position descriptions to support employees and grow the business. 


Change and motivation

Change is constantly part of our life on earth. Managing innovative creative work requires strength and leadership. 
We would with your teams to establish a process of change. 
  • Build new job designs
  • Create staff readiness
  • Review and analysis each staff member individual jobs 
  • Provide training 
  • Implement the process

Change takes place over time, the process is defined by identifying the need to change and creating the process to support the successful implementation 



Consulting and Development

Create a strong team

Resource – mee works with your teams to strengthen skills. Resulting in organisational growth