Training and Development

Consulting Services

Review your organisational policies, processes and development progress. Work on the organisations compliance and develop practical solutions for continued growth.

Online Staff Development

Develop online training programs. Including mandatory training, staff inductions, manual handling. workplace emergency response. Our online system is designed to acknowledge and reward, custom designed to meet your business needs.


Scenario Based Training. Online E-Learning Scenario-Based Training helps the student become immersed and increases information retainment. Empower-Mee provides the resources needed to build an impressive set of micro-skills


Training Resources

Resource Development, specialist designed training resources.  Our experienced trainers align your business needs to a custom designed business development program. Align your staff skills to your business growth

Human Resource Consultant

Employees’ needs are shifting, successful businesses are investing in culture to drive their success. Resource-Mee works with you to meet your legal obligations and meet the challenges related to HR.  Create a system of best practice, manage compliance and strategic leadership.

Leadership Training

Our simple approach is to provide development and coaching services to develop effective and efficient leadership. Your membership includes the option of leadership seminars.

Work with Resource-Mee to develop, implement and manage your business systems. Create a robust set of principles, practices and procedures applied to specific activities to achieve a particular result. It’s about creating a set of shortcuts to ensure everyone understands how they impact the business’s success.

Resource-Mee works with you to develop your teams. Staff development ideas are tailored to the individual’s needs and team requirements.

Develop your Leadership Skills. Create a strong team where everyone feels empowered to contribute. Your business success relies on every employee’s different set of needs. Addressed individually, customised, designed, adjusted and monitored throughout the lifespan of your business.

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